NEST: Retribution

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The Rally for US was meant to be a day of camaraderie and awareness. Instead that crisp October morning turned into the bloodiest terror attack to strike the city of Boston in over a decade.

In the wake of the attack, the New England Special Terrorist division – NEST – turned to their most senior and capable agent; Alivia Morgan. She is unwillingly ripped from her home and family, but doesn’t have a choice. Though she had no idea just how deeply personal the fight would become.

It’s up to her to find the extremists and stop another catastrophic blow that would see the death toll climb higher. She is captured, alone, and armed only with her years of training and experience in Special Ops and the elite Army Rangers. Alivia quickly realizes that she’s in a race against time as she struggles to escape with her own life, and stop the impending attacks. Can she do both?

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ESCAPE, Dead End

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Strap in and get ready for the thrilling conclusion to the ESCAPE series, as Abby declares war on her enemies in the fast-paced take no prisoners story that is ESCAPE, Dead End.

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ESCAPE, Past Sins

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Abby and Eric’s adventure continues in this fast paced follow up to ESCAPE, A New Life!

“Having read David Antocci’s first book in this series, ESCAPE, A New Life, I approached this sequel with a certain level of expectation. I thoroughly enjoyed the first one, so I’m thinking this second one should be half as good, too. And I’m happy to report that ESCAPE, Past Sins quite exceeded my expectations.  Those who have read the first book, you already know what kind of reading experience awaits you in this second one.  ESCAPE, Past Sins is going to blow your mind away.” - The New York Book Pundit

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ESCAPE, A New Life

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“WOW! This is an exciting roller coaster ride of an adventure! I loved it!  This book is full of action, adventure and danger that had me completely hooked!” - Book Reviews by Lynn

Escape: A New Life is a fascinating tale of action mixed with imagination, and is as exciting as a cross between The Hunger Games and Lost. If you enjoyed watching either of these, we guarantee you will enjoy reading Escape: A New Life. All in all, this is a very impressive work for a debut author!”The Prometheus Review.

“David J Antocci’s Escape, A New Life —a gripping, edge-of-your-seat thriller, reminds me of a few classic novels, although it stands so well on its own without dropping the titles of the classics. Antocci has crafted a mounting arpeggio of blood-curdling suspense, mitigated sufficiently by what ever sense of romance the two main characters could scrape from the bottom of their situation, resulting in an unforgettable, entertaining rollercoaster ride!” - The New York Book Pundit 

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