Stop Saying You’re Not A Real Runner!

For those who don’t know my story, I’ll sum it up very quickly.  5 years ago I was a cupcake away from 300 lbs, and a double bacon cheeseburger shy of a heart attack.  I couldn’t walk a mile.  Today I weigh 192, and that is the result of many years of healthy eating and exercise.  Mainly running.  Today I killed my personal 10k time at 9:26/mile.

I’ve always said, “I’m not a real runner.”  Why?  Because when I started, a 16-minute mile was a joke – I’d be lucky to get it done in 20.

I continued training and got better.  I hit the 12-minute mark, “I’m still not a real runner. Real runners have ten-minute miles at worst.”

I continued training, got better, and easily hit the 10 minute mark time and time again.  “I’m not a real runner.  Look at all the people that came in before me in 5k I just ran!”

I keep training, I get better, I’m regularly in the 9’s, “Nope, still not a real runner.”

I keep training, push myself hard, regularly hit the 8’s, “I’m not a real runner.”


Here’s the thing I can tell you from my experience;  I feel no more like a real runner hitting my 8 minute times than I did when I was doing my 16 minute times.

So my advice to you is to embrace it and declare that you ARE a real runner!  Do you put on some running clothes, a pair of sneakers and hit the pavement?  Do you sweat, and push yourself hard because you want to be healthy and in better shape?  Do you go out, have a terrible run, have to walk most of the time, and finish feeling defeated?  Then you lace up and do it again a couple of days later because “Damn it, I’m going to get better!”

You do!  So guess what, you ARE a real runner, and whether you’re the slowest one of your group of friends, the fastest, finish middle of the pack in your local 5k, or finish dead last, YOU ARE A RUNNER!

Wear it with pride, and start now!  Because I can tell you from experience, you can lose 100+ lbs, you can go from not being able to walk a mile in a half hour to easily running 3 miles in that time, and you will feel no more like a real runner than you did at the beginning until you embrace what you do for what it is.

So what are you waiting for?  Go lace up and hit the pavement!


I’m Dave, a novelist, Mr. Mom, husband, son, office worker, and guy who has struggled with weight for 20 years.  If you like what you read, go ahead and use the links on the right over there to follow me on Facebook or Twitter, and drop me a line!  I love hearing from readers.  Hope you enjoy, and happy reading!

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