My Top Ten Favorite Things About Being a Dad

boysI don’t throw around the word often, but I am truly blessed to be a father to my two amazing sons. I have learned so much from them over the years, about the world, about myself, and about what being a daddy is all about. I’m a member of a writing group that does a “Top Ten Tuesday” every week, so I figured I’d write a quick one this week seeing as though I’m not writing a book at the moment!

10. The things I find myself having to say. “Stop peeing on your brother”, “Your brother is not a pretty princess, he’s a sparkling rainbow pony, get it right”, “Get your fork out of his ear”, “We don’t throw Batman, now go pick that up”… the list goes on.

9. Seeing the world through their eyes. I feel like I’m rediscovering the world every day. The questions they ask about what I think of as everyday mundane tasks force me to re-examine the world constantly.

8. Having permission to be silly. Weather is making up none sensical stories, talking in made up words, or running around the house as Batman and Wolverine battling the Decepticons (kids don’t care about crossover in their comic book universe), running around and being silly with them is one of my favorite things to do.

My little ninja enjoying his morning coffee and watermelon… he actually has a superman costume on UNDER the ninja suit… the boy loves dress up.

7. Watching them play together. With two boys so close in age (20 months apart) it was very tough when they were really little and had very different needs, but those tough times were so worth it to see them play together now. They’re little best friends. I get so much enjoyment out of watching them use their imaginations together, build things together, or work together on a game or a puzzle. Most of all, I love watching them play dress up.

6. Listening in on their conversations. Whenever they’ve been separated for any length of time, when we get back together one always turns to the other and says, “How was your day?” and they have an actual conversation about their day… it’s like they’re people or something?!

5. The singing. They both love music. My wife and I are very musical people, so I guess it’s just in the genes. They generally listen to our music, not kids music, and they know all the words for good or bad. My 3 year old’s favorite song right now is an Alan Doyle tune that starts, “Whiskey, whiskey“… as long as he doesn’t walk around singing it too loud at preschool, we’re OK (fun song by the way). My oldest almost never stops humming or singing. Sometimes it does get on my nerves, but I still love it.

4. Seeing them eat food that I’ve made for them, and enjoy it. My Italian grandmother loved to feed us, stereotypes rarely disappoint when it comes to Italians. I never understood it growing up. Why did she want me to be fat? I get it now. My oldest goes wild for my homemade bread, my little guy loves… well… he loves to eat just about anything. If I made it and they love eating it, I get so much joy out of that. I wish I knew why. It’s got to be some type of survival thing embedded in our DNA I guess.

3. The drawings. My oldest loves to draw. One day a couple of weeks ago I pulled a bunch of papers out of his backpack that he had brought home from school. Going through them, there were at least 3 or 4 drawings of a little stick figure daddy and little stick figure Jake holding hands. It melts me every time.

2. Snuggle Time! Whether it’s watching a movie, or crawling into bed with us in the morning, our boys are big time snugglers and so is their dad. Nothing better than a nice warm kid to keep you cozy on those cold New England nights.

1. Their excitement to see me. I’m very lucky in that I’m “Mr. Mom” and spend most of my days with them. We do have times when we don’t see each other though. When I walk into the house and they jump up, scream, “Daddy!” and run to tackle me – that’s just the best feeling in the world.


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